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Looking forward to the real thing.

This concept seems interesting, and you have a really good mastery of colors. As trailers go, the text passed just a bit too fast, and the music seemed to change a little awkwardly, but overall, it was very nice. I'm not sure whether you've finished it by now, since this movie was posted a long time ago, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it! (4/5, 9/10)

(my Japanese isn't very good, and Newgrounds doesn't let us use japanese text, but for your benefit, I'll try to translate my thoughts below)

Kono kangae wa zehi omoshirosou desu. Iro no koto yoku tsukaeru dayo. Trailer toshite, honbun wa chotto hayasugita, soshite ongaku wo kawatta toki wa chotto hen deshita kedo, daitai iiyo. Eiga ga mou tsukuri owataka shirimasen kedo, tanoshimi ni matteimasu!

An Important, if not Well Done Flash

As first flashes go, I've seen plenty worse, technique wise. Notably though, this is one of only a few flashes with serious messages of those sort on Newgrounds, and it's quite well done in that respect. Technique wise, the animations are choppy but pretty good (animating animals is hard dammit!). I suppose my only criticism other than making the movements smoother would be removing green from the color scheme; it's being a bit anal, but I think it would make the mood still more potent to be rid of such a lively color. A preloader would also be nice.

But this movie's flaws are much redeemed by its message, which is indeed depressing, but very important to get out there. Whether or not you continue on that subject for your flash though, I'll certainly look forward seeing more. (4/5, 9/10)

Interesting movie, Great water

Of the various takes on "rainy day" I've seen, this was quite good, especially towards the end - some very nice reflections. The beginning seemed a little lacking, boring almost due to the single angle and the bland clouds, but overall it was a good animation. Very underrated, at the least. (4/5, 9/10)

I must be missing something...

I dunno man, I think I've missed the point of this animation. It seems like there's a joke or somthing I'm not getting, and perhaps its my fault, but it just makes the movie seem kinda pointless.

The animation itself was nice and smooth. I don't like the look of the person, but that's a personal preference you shouldn't really be concerned with. Music was fine. Everything was alright, but it really hurts that I couldn't really find the significance in the animation, (if there was any). Still, people seem to have liked your stuff, and I'd love to see u do something with more story or at least a point behind it (or indeed explain the point to me, and I'll vote 5 tomorrow to make up for my oversight xD) 3/5, 7/10

ChillyCheese responds:

Don't worry, theres nothing to get, it's just boring.

Unique to say the least

Well you certainly straddled the line there between cute and disgusting a few times, and I don't get the impression you've studied rhino's much, but who cares? I doubt I'll ever see quite the same take on a hungry animal. You had some good animation in there, and the plot was clear and whatnot. I don't really get what the plants with food bait were supposed to be, if anything, but it's a minor issue. It's good stuff. (4/5, 9/10)

As for your supposed sound problems (if you're still worrying about it), I can't say for sure, but if you're getting a message from flash about a sound related error when you export, it's probably a certain sound or frame causing your woe. If you can isolate where it is (delete scenes, parts of scenes, etc until you don't get the error when you export, delete smaller sections over time until you find the cause) you can fix it by changing the sound from event to stream or even by moving it to another layer. I can't guarantee it'll work, but that's my advice. Hope it helps.

We're gonna need a rube goldberg collection...

This was actually not that bad as far as rube goldberg animations go. Despite the simple style, you got a good sense of one step triggering the next, so that it felt as real as it needed to. It somewhat lacked the punch I think you were going for at the end, with the realization of what the machine was doing, but I don't know how to improve on that... Maybe some sort of introductory sequence raising or even setting a certain expectation?

Overall it definitely achieved what it set out to do, and was pleasantly entertaining. Good work. (4/5, 8/10)

Lots of Style, lacks a punchline

You say your animation was bad, but I actually didn't mind it that much. It goes with the playful 'plot' of the animation well. Moreover, it's clear despite the simple style that you put some effort into it, and that's what counts. Music and whatnot was all fine, though voices would probably be better than text.

The main problem for me was the lack of a punchline. I mean, what the guy does with the tea is funny but the last event and the last line didn't seem that much more significant than the others. It feels like there's no point, even though it's kinda funny. Still, it had its good moments, and the tea genre is sadly lacking in flash xD. Not bad overall, I look forward to more. (3/5, 7/10)

Nice piece of work

By no means perfect, as you know, but it really was surprisingly good. I won't focus too much on criticism, since this seems to be such an old animation. Animation seemed edgy, probably cuz of your time limit, and I couldn't really get a sense of how the parts of the rube goldberg related to each other (the incidents seemed a bit too isolated).

Still, the animation was serviceable and the the ending was priceless. The music helps it a lot as well. Overall, a decidedly good movie. (4/5, 8/10)

Nice Work for Short Time

For having only 1 month to do this, it's not a bad film. Icarus and the other lizard both had a lot of personality in their animation, and though I have no idea if this was your intention or not, I've love to see some more shorts involving him. The story was short and simple and although I think you could make it funnier (if you wanted to) by really having the robot bully Icarus and having the robot be surprised when he transforms, it was fine as is.

My main complaints are aesthetic and not that absolute. I found the robots a bit bland, they seemed too human in design. The backgrounds also lacked detail and the little flare that makes these places look interesting and lived in. Some elements of the plot didn't make sense, but I got the impression that wasn't much of a concern here.

Nonetheless, for a month's animation, it was pretty good. Hope to see more from you. (4/5, 7/10)

Original, intriguing

This is the first thing of yours that I've watched, and I have to say you have a style all your own, assuming you keep that animation look throughout your work. It's a unique mix of 2D and 3D (or pseudo-3D; I'm not sure exactly what you're doin to make these).

Honestly, the actual look doesnt quite suit me; it's not artistic, its not comedic - there seems to be no reason behind it. The coloration, for example - the stars seem really simplistic as if you didn't put that much into them, whereas the ship and the planet used those bitmaps or whatever they were and had a lot of detail. Again, I don't know if you address anything like this in your later stuff, and moreover, clearly, a lot of people like it, though, so don't change it all because of me. And I like the actual story in there, has an interesting point despite being so short.

Anyways, even if it doesn't sit that well with me, it's still good work, better than most on NG. Keep it up, and good luck. (4/5, 7/10)

Fate responds:

I don't keep this style, for sure.
I like to think it grows into something even more unique.
And cleaner.

The stars, in the new version, took me forever to choose...

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