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Distant Hearts Distant Hearts

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Great Concept, Decently Realized

This is a good piece overall, and I'd certainly say it deserves some recognition. Despite starting as an exercise. Though at the same time, this does have the marks of a doodle-ish work and that in my mind prevents this from being all it could be.

The characters seem kinda sketchy. Now, you could chalk this up to "style" and provided its relatively smooth (which it is) I could respect that, but some of your fills (especially on the hair) leave a few spaces out. It looks lazy is all, and as an exercise it's just fine - but again, it's something you could work on.

My main complaint animation-wise however is the lip sync. You don't do much, but
what you did do needs work. If you can take a class or even look it up online, I think it'd be worthwhile to improve your skill at it.

Don't get discouraged though! This movie is absolutely not an exercise because the story is so well done. It's nothing new, but it was well told. (I haven't seen your other work, so I can't comment on improvement). And I must say that your use of gradients to give things a light tint was just amazing. (I assume those were just transparent gradients? Or did you use some more complex filter?)

The concept of this animation is good enough to justify more work on the animation, though this can certainly stand as is without a remake. I take this as a work that was done as an exercise, but shows your potential regardless. I'd love to see what you can do when you get in your game, so to speak. Lookin' forward to your next work! 4/8

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Dijurido: Her Memory Dijurido: Her Memory

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sweet and Simple

If brushing on emotions was your only objective, you've achieved it beyond any doubt. The colors you used worked very nicely with the music; you definitely got a mood across. I'd say the color/background of the flash-back could've been more interesting, and for me the point seemed a bit too simple, but overall this animation is very nicely done. Good work. (4/5, 8/10)

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The Promises The Promises

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Rather *ahem* Promising

You've got a nice look going. The plot was simple but not quite cliched, (personally I wish you'd left the last twist out so as to make for a darker movie, but maybe that's just me) Were you using bitmaps to get that creepy texture? It worked quite nicely, though I'm amazed how small you got the file, considering...

Animation-wise, the simplest advice I could give would be to use some angles other than front, back and side. It's certainly harder, but I think films like this could really benefit from that variety. Overall, it was a nice piece, I look forward to see more from you. (4/5, 8/10)

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Flying dog house (EP0) Flying dog house (EP0)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Looking forward to the real thing.

This concept seems interesting, and you have a really good mastery of colors. As trailers go, the text passed just a bit too fast, and the music seemed to change a little awkwardly, but overall, it was very nice. I'm not sure whether you've finished it by now, since this movie was posted a long time ago, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it! (4/5, 9/10)

(my Japanese isn't very good, and Newgrounds doesn't let us use japanese text, but for your benefit, I'll try to translate my thoughts below)

Kono kangae wa zehi omoshirosou desu. Iro no koto yoku tsukaeru dayo. Trailer toshite, honbun wa chotto hayasugita, soshite ongaku wo kawatta toki wa chotto hen deshita kedo, daitai iiyo. Eiga ga mou tsukuri owataka shirimasen kedo, tanoshimi ni matteimasu!

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Aerial Gunning Aerial Gunning

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An Important, if not Well Done Flash

As first flashes go, I've seen plenty worse, technique wise. Notably though, this is one of only a few flashes with serious messages of those sort on Newgrounds, and it's quite well done in that respect. Technique wise, the animations are choppy but pretty good (animating animals is hard dammit!). I suppose my only criticism other than making the movements smoother would be removing green from the color scheme; it's being a bit anal, but I think it would make the mood still more potent to be rid of such a lively color. A preloader would also be nice.

But this movie's flaws are much redeemed by its message, which is indeed depressing, but very important to get out there. Whether or not you continue on that subject for your flash though, I'll certainly look forward seeing more. (4/5, 9/10)

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Breath Me Remake Breath Me Remake

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Unique concept, needed to be shortened

I liked the concept and the beginning of the film. It really is a unique take on the idea of death. However, it seems like the movie was stretched out a bit too long in the middle. I really liked the imagery you used, but sometimes it just seemed like you could've taken it out, and made your point more concisely. Your style, however, yields an original take on the concept of death, and the music fits well. Good work. (4/5, 8/10)

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--Nightmare-- --Nightmare--

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting Concept, Needs work

You definitely captured the mood of a twisted short story, the creature from the nightmare was particularly well done. The suicide does seem a little unprompted, as if there should've been something else, even a few insane cuts to the face of the creature, before he shoots himself. If it's because it was an adaption, and the info wasn't there to begin with, that's understandable.

In either case though, I'd suggest putting some more details into your backgrounds. The gradients became a bit bland after awhile, especially in contrast to the well done characters. Even putting a few black shadows to suggest a form might have helped.

Nonetheless, it achieved what it set out to do. Just a few little improvements and you'll be set. (4/5, 8/10)

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Reversion Reversion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Interesting movie, Great water

Of the various takes on "rainy day" I've seen, this was quite good, especially towards the end - some very nice reflections. The beginning seemed a little lacking, boring almost due to the single angle and the bland clouds, but overall it was a good animation. Very underrated, at the least. (4/5, 9/10)

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Rubiks Cube Rubiks Cube

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I must be missing something...

I dunno man, I think I've missed the point of this animation. It seems like there's a joke or somthing I'm not getting, and perhaps its my fault, but it just makes the movie seem kinda pointless.

The animation itself was nice and smooth. I don't like the look of the person, but that's a personal preference you shouldn't really be concerned with. Music was fine. Everything was alright, but it really hurts that I couldn't really find the significance in the animation, (if there was any). Still, people seem to have liked your stuff, and I'd love to see u do something with more story or at least a point behind it (or indeed explain the point to me, and I'll vote 5 tomorrow to make up for my oversight xD) 3/5, 7/10

ChillyCheese responds:

Don't worry, theres nothing to get, it's just boring.

A Rhino's Stomach A Rhino's Stomach

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Unique to say the least

Well you certainly straddled the line there between cute and disgusting a few times, and I don't get the impression you've studied rhino's much, but who cares? I doubt I'll ever see quite the same take on a hungry animal. You had some good animation in there, and the plot was clear and whatnot. I don't really get what the plants with food bait were supposed to be, if anything, but it's a minor issue. It's good stuff. (4/5, 9/10)

As for your supposed sound problems (if you're still worrying about it), I can't say for sure, but if you're getting a message from flash about a sound related error when you export, it's probably a certain sound or frame causing your woe. If you can isolate where it is (delete scenes, parts of scenes, etc until you don't get the error when you export, delete smaller sections over time until you find the cause) you can fix it by changing the sound from event to stream or even by moving it to another layer. I can't guarantee it'll work, but that's my advice. Hope it helps.

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