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Looking forward to the real thing.

This concept seems interesting, and you have a really good mastery of colors. As trailers go, the text passed just a bit too fast, and the music seemed to change a little awkwardly, but overall, it was very nice. I'm not sure whether you've finished it by now, since this movie was posted a long time ago, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it! (4/5, 9/10)

(my Japanese isn't very good, and Newgrounds doesn't let us use japanese text, but for your benefit, I'll try to translate my thoughts below)

Kono kangae wa zehi omoshirosou desu. Iro no koto yoku tsukaeru dayo. Trailer toshite, honbun wa chotto hayasugita, soshite ongaku wo kawatta toki wa chotto hen deshita kedo, daitai iiyo. Eiga ga mou tsukuri owataka shirimasen kedo, tanoshimi ni matteimasu!

An Important, if not Well Done Flash

As first flashes go, I've seen plenty worse, technique wise. Notably though, this is one of only a few flashes with serious messages of those sort on Newgrounds, and it's quite well done in that respect. Technique wise, the animations are choppy but pretty good (animating animals is hard dammit!). I suppose my only criticism other than making the movements smoother would be removing green from the color scheme; it's being a bit anal, but I think it would make the mood still more potent to be rid of such a lively color. A preloader would also be nice.

But this movie's flaws are much redeemed by its message, which is indeed depressing, but very important to get out there. Whether or not you continue on that subject for your flash though, I'll certainly look forward seeing more. (4/5, 9/10)

Interesting movie, Great water

Of the various takes on "rainy day" I've seen, this was quite good, especially towards the end - some very nice reflections. The beginning seemed a little lacking, boring almost due to the single angle and the bland clouds, but overall it was a good animation. Very underrated, at the least. (4/5, 9/10)

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A Damn Good Game

I don't usually look much at games, but this is pretty nice. It's a little complex at first, but that has its advantages and its not cumbersome. The artwork itself is amazing (I assume you're using a scanner for some of that - or are you doing it all in Flash?!) and the gameplay (though it seems somehow derivative of Devil May Cry), is quite satisfying. Looking forward to the next one.

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A spectacular use of desaturated yellows with the blues. Gives it a really transcendent feel. I could argue that the middle seems to have a lot of white, and that's a little disappointing considering the rest, but the rest of the picture more than makes up for what is already a lame complaint.

Did it in PS? I don't think I'll ever be able to create work of this caliber digitally...

In any case, a wonderous piece. Keep it up!

Simple but Stylish

A very slick work. Profile seems a touch bland, but a nice piece. What'd you use to make it?

Loner4Life responds:

Thanks. I appreciate the review. And it was made in Photoshop CS4.

~ Jay


That is an ass-load of detail - no wonder it took so long! It's got a deceptively good composition - nothing seems to stand out but there's a good deal of variation in the actual machinery, and I like how the green just subtly takes it away from full monochrome. How the hell did you scan something of that size? Or did you do somethin' else to get a digital version?

Point is, man, great piece. Definitely worth the front page.

AssKiller responds:

i agree with you...there is no point of interest. My brother just loves everything that's mechanical so I wanted to squeeze is as much stuff as I could.

P.S. : i can't scan it...i took a picture

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