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A Great Concept, Decently Realized

This is a good piece overall, and I'd certainly say it deserves some recognition. Despite starting as an exercise. Though at the same time, this does have the marks of a doodle-ish work and that in my mind prevents this from being all it could be.

The characters seem kinda sketchy. Now, you could chalk this up to "style" and provided its relatively smooth (which it is) I could respect that, but some of your fills (especially on the hair) leave a few spaces out. It looks lazy is all, and as an exercise it's just fine - but again, it's something you could work on.

My main complaint animation-wise however is the lip sync. You don't do much, but
what you did do needs work. If you can take a class or even look it up online, I think it'd be worthwhile to improve your skill at it.

Don't get discouraged though! This movie is absolutely not an exercise because the story is so well done. It's nothing new, but it was well told. (I haven't seen your other work, so I can't comment on improvement). And I must say that your use of gradients to give things a light tint was just amazing. (I assume those were just transparent gradients? Or did you use some more complex filter?)

The concept of this animation is good enough to justify more work on the animation, though this can certainly stand as is without a remake. I take this as a work that was done as an exercise, but shows your potential regardless. I'd love to see what you can do when you get in your game, so to speak. Lookin' forward to your next work! 4/8

Great Images, Less Substance

You really have a nice handle for colors and gradients, especially towards the end with the lake and the violet sky. The music was also not bad. To be honest though, nothing stood out about your acting; it had a few good spots and a few bad. One thing that probably irks me more than others, though is your script.

It may be a short video, but you put a lot of narration into it, and honestly it sounded a touch cliched, and kinda forced, as if you were trying to make something sound more significant or poetic than it was. I can't really advise you on what to do about that, but I'd say at least go through your script one more time and try to revise it (the city lights like stars simile for example - I'm sure you can come up with something more original than that).

Still, the look alone is promising enough to make me look forward to more. Nice job. (4/5, 8/10)

Sweet and Simple

If brushing on emotions was your only objective, you've achieved it beyond any doubt. The colors you used worked very nicely with the music; you definitely got a mood across. I'd say the color/background of the flash-back could've been more interesting, and for me the point seemed a bit too simple, but overall this animation is very nicely done. Good work. (4/5, 8/10)

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A Damn Good Game

I don't usually look much at games, but this is pretty nice. It's a little complex at first, but that has its advantages and its not cumbersome. The artwork itself is amazing (I assume you're using a scanner for some of that - or are you doing it all in Flash?!) and the gameplay (though it seems somehow derivative of Devil May Cry), is quite satisfying. Looking forward to the next one.

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A spectacular use of desaturated yellows with the blues. Gives it a really transcendent feel. I could argue that the middle seems to have a lot of white, and that's a little disappointing considering the rest, but the rest of the picture more than makes up for what is already a lame complaint.

Did it in PS? I don't think I'll ever be able to create work of this caliber digitally...

In any case, a wonderous piece. Keep it up!

Simple but Stylish

A very slick work. Profile seems a touch bland, but a nice piece. What'd you use to make it?

Loner4Life responds:

Thanks. I appreciate the review. And it was made in Photoshop CS4.

~ Jay


That is an ass-load of detail - no wonder it took so long! It's got a deceptively good composition - nothing seems to stand out but there's a good deal of variation in the actual machinery, and I like how the green just subtly takes it away from full monochrome. How the hell did you scan something of that size? Or did you do somethin' else to get a digital version?

Point is, man, great piece. Definitely worth the front page.

AssKiller responds:

i agree with you...there is no point of interest. My brother just loves everything that's mechanical so I wanted to squeeze is as much stuff as I could.

P.S. : i can't scan it...i took a picture

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