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Next Project Seeking Participants!

Posted by RPGsrok - June 23rd, 2013

For the last month, I've been laying the groundwork for my newest animation project, Kanon Rock. It follows a modern Conductor, devoted to emotion, constrained by tradition, and guided by the spirit of an ancient composer to reach past the verbatim notes and tap at the heart of music, by imbuing Canon in D with the essence of Rock.

I'm pushing myself like never before; a crew of 5 animators, a dedicated original composer and live instruments to record, and a 5 minute finished work in the next year are among my goals (and almost all the relevant players have been contacted) - but the most exciting new thing Kanon Rock will do is give you the chance to participate in the film's creation!

For the first time, I'm pitching Kanon Rock via Kickstarter, and that means that anyone can their name attached to a new original animation, and have exclusive access to special surveys that will affect the course of the film's production. If you can spare $10, you can download the finished film months before it premieres on NG and youtube! And if the notion appeals to you, we're also offering the chance to have yourself animated in the film as an audience member, or even a musician in the orchestra!

We've raised over $1000 so far, and assigned 7 of the 25 animated Musician positions, but there's still a long way to go. The video above gives more information, and if you have any comments or questions I'd love to hear them. I hope it's a project that captures your imagination.

Kanon Rock on Kickstarter


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