Returning to Action & New-Old Film

2012-02-10 14:26:30 by RPGsrok

About a month ago, I realized I'd gone a whole year without uploading to the portal. Couldn't be helped, the projects I'd been working on are long and arduous pieces to finish. But to celebrate (and get experience with the wonderful new system put in place by) the Redesign's going through, I took it upon myself to upload an old animation that had somehow never made it to NG. I redid the animation (and tried to redo the audio to lesser success - mics everywhere still hate me), but hopefully you'll find something to like.

Sonnet 73

In the next month, I'll be trying to finish up a school project, after which I'll be putting my utmost once more into getting Dual Arms Verbatim Part 2 (yes it still exists) into actual production. I don't wanna promise a release this year, but you can be sure screens will be shared before the year is out - just as surely as i am NEVER starting a project this long on my own again =D

Many thanks and congratulations to Tom and the others on getting the site redone, and here's to a year of better submissions from us all!


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2012-09-26 04:22:58

Long time no see!