Let's-Rant! Tales of Legendia

2011-07-11 17:06:53 by RPGsrok

You like Tales of Legendia? You... never heard of it? Well it's the best and worst of JRPGs... That is, it has some of the best music I've ever heard, and the worst of everything else. You wanna know the juicy details?

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See also the 1st part here and the third part here.

There's some animation, but not enough to warrant an NG version. Hopefully you gamers out there find some enjoyment in this rant o' mine. XD

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much thx =D


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2011-07-11 18:05:49

Kind of funny, but a bit too much like that Angry Nintendo Nerd. Plus, I noticed that your acting has improved a bit. Off Topic: As for any future Dual Arms episodes, I recommend that you get some more animators on board after Verbatim Part 2.

RPGsrok responds:

Well thanks! Just a short foray into some comedy, and practice on editing - wasn't really concentrating on my acting, but appreciated nonetheless.

Verbatim's production is indeed dragging on. I think I'd likely recruit some more people even for that, if I can. At the moment, I'm actually working on a shorter 1 minute video for school and such, and sadly it does take priority for me... Though rest assured it is simpler. If you wanna discuss Verbatim's future more, by all means PM me - I'd b glad to talk. XD


2011-07-11 19:40:01

I only played the sequel: Legends of Taleia.

RPGsrok responds:

How was it? lol


2011-07-11 20:24:58

i got kinda bored so i didn't watch the first or third video but from the first minute and sixteen seconds of the second video i can tell you are full of crap firstly you kept laughing at things such as the pig and the "well developed story" the story was in fact rather well developed you got to know the characters and it had a semi deep plot (i admit the plot was kinda stupid* now for the pig/girl thingever heard of humor? you obviously don't see that games aren't for serious people they are for fun people to have fun with. i could talk for hours about how stupid you are and i could start spamming you but frankly i have better uses of my time (sorry about my grammar i wanted to do this quickly)

(Updated ) RPGsrok responds:

Well if I were to judge ToL by its first minute and sixteen seconds, I wouldn't have gotten to known the characters or the semi-deep plot now would I?

That aside, I'll admit the characters can get entertaining, stupid as they sometimes are; that's character flaws - I'm ok with that! But here's the thing about ToL - it IS trying to be 'semi-deep'. And plot wise, I'm sorry, if you go back, that thing has serious problems man. 3 kidnappings in the first chapter? Bandits who change sides literally minutes after getting beat to a pulp? And the myriad dues ex machina moments with the innumerable powers assigned to the Legacy and the merines? I think we should all be able to agree the gameplay here can't sell this package. If you wanted a fun game, you can do better than this game's humor. If you wanted a serious game, you can do better than this game's plot.

Now I do admire the game for its art direction and soundtrack, and I've certainly seen worse. I just have fun poking fun at the game's lapses in common sense. I thank you for not spamming me, and taking the time to comment in any case. Peace.


2011-07-11 22:13:47

It's a nobrainer. it's an RPG. bluh

RPGsrok responds:

Hey man, Persona 3 and 4 are some of the best games ever, and they are RPGs. This just happened to be an RPG that had no concept of sense, or continuity, or foreshadowing... and dang it is fun to point that out XD (guess it did entertain us, in a roundabout way...)


2011-07-12 04:25:06

I was actually joking. I think RPGs are good. But sadly, they have seen most of their days.
(unless you count Mass Effect and such western cultured games to be true RPG games, wich I guess you could)

RPGsrok responds:

I can respect that I suppose. The good ones these days are few and far in between... Here's hoping for a revival in the years ahead...


2011-07-12 09:23:45

I still strongly believe Tales Of Eternia is one of the better Tales ever done.

Great commentary though. thx for the entertainement

RPGsrok responds:

Haven't played ToE myself (I assume you mean the original not the American title?)

Glad you enjoyed it!


2011-07-12 09:59:43

I enjoyed that game a lot. The linear fighting was a fun change from the usual Tales fighting.

Good video.

RPGsrok responds:

I definitely found the combat very mediocre, and personally found the leveling system (gaining new magic) to be rather cumbersome, but it was different from the usual.

Thanks, glad you liked it!


2011-07-14 05:32:15

Well, perhaps not a revival, but what I would enjoy seeing would be some altering in the concept.