Need Voice Actors - Minor Parts - Dual Arms Verbatim Part 2

2010-11-09 16:54:37 by RPGsrok

My latest project, Dual Arms Verbatim Part 2 (Part 1 here) is finally moving forward. Part of the pre-production consisted of rewriting the original (2 year old) script, and in so doing I've found myself in need of some voice actors for a few minor parts.

They aren't just extras per se. The parts are minor in the sense that these people aren't given names in the plot and have less screen time, but they have several lines and are significant to the plot's progression. I'll attempt to describe the roles and give audition lines below.

The first part is that of Falgyur. He's a member of the government who's been ignored by the higher ups and is dissatisfied with his position. Aware of the corruption and double sided nature of his government's actions, he's agreed to work with the Union rebels, assisting in a small plan in return for passage out of Ihrziel. (He makes a short appearance in the first part as a man in the back of the High Consul's viewing box - he walks out as Araine enters.) Once completely honest and upright, he's become colder, disillusioned at the realities of the world and the bad memories its left upon him. His good nature is still within him, but is but a trace of what it once was.

This first line is spoken with semi-cautious gratitude. You're speaking to an agent of the rebellion who you are helping, but are still suspicious of.

"Hey... I- I just wanted to say, thanks again, for doing this. I really need to get outta here."

This line said at the request of the rebel to say when the enemies she awaits have come.

"They're here."

The second part is that of a Tourist Guide. Though it sounds like less of a role, it involves more lines. The script need not assume a male or female for this part, so if you feel you can sell the role give it a shot. This guide is very versed, comfortable in their role, having done it a few years. The helpful sort, takes a sort of subdued joy in his/her work, used to dealing with tourists and the sort who'd be sure to calmly help you out if you were lost or had a question.

The first line would be heard as background speech in the movie. No need to be spectacularly enthusiastic, but don't just drone on in a monotone. (Don't worry about the pronunciations of words for now - just say it smoothly - I'll correct you if needed when I send over the script).

"The crystals you see lining the Ivaneir Crevice walls are indeed Yaetherium, similar to that used in the Yaetherisque sculpting competitions held at the Kairvos Stadium which you can just make out in the distance to the left."

This second line is you just helping out someone you think is in the wrong place (because of two places' names sounding similar) - you're earnest, understanding, generally helpful.

"Hey, don't worry pal. In the old Ihrzielan there's a big distinction, but the romanized names are practically the same. It's nothin' to get excited over! Even the other Ihrzielotts get it mixed up! "

In addition to these I do need some extras, for two scenes. First is in a plaza of sorts, with tourists and people just seeing the sights, hanging out on dates and such. Second in basically a café, into which someone bearing advanced weapons just bursts in. I need the screams and exclamations of the people as they run off in a panic. You're free to make up whatever lines you feel like (not just expletives please) and I can basically guarantee that if your sound quality is good and the lines vaguely fit the situation, they will be used.

Feel free to audition for multiple roles. If you have any questions or if you're interested in helping with animation on this project (when the time for that comes), feel free to comment here, pm or email me at the audition address. PM me with a link to your audition or send auditions in mp3 format to with "Dual Arms" in the subject line. Auditions should be in no later than December 1st (the sooner the better of course), though if you really need a bit more time when that comes rolling around, pm me on the deadline and send your submission by asap.


Need Voice Actors - Minor Parts - Dual Arms Verbatim Part 2


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2010-11-09 18:05:02

I could be of some help, but at the same time probably not the one you're looking for.

RPGsrok responds:

What do you think you can help with? Anything is appreciated ^^


2010-11-09 18:22:18

hey man i might not be much of a help since im a novice voice actor but id love to be able to get my first part if its in this animation...the bad thing is i dont know how to change my recordings to mp3 if you could get back to me id send over an audition

RPGsrok responds:

Hey it can't hurt you to try, and as I said, if you have a recording set up that sounds decent (ie, minimal noise, sound quality - things I can't really advise you on that much, unfortunately) I can almost assure you that I can use what you put in as an extra.

Getting your files into an mp3 format depends on what program you're using to record. Its really easy if you're using say, garageband, and quite doable if you're using audacity, for example. If you tell me what you're planning to use, I can try and help; the program's help option may also address things of that sort. And if you're really having trouble, I might be able to make due with another format, so by all means PM me with the details, and I'll see what I can do.


2010-11-09 19:28:15

sent you a pm my friend :D

RPGsrok responds:

Received - ill get back to u later. =D


2010-11-09 22:36:45

I'll pm you with the link tomorrow :)

RPGsrok responds:

I'll b waiting on it. thx =D


2010-11-09 22:37:54

*is interested* Is there a deadline to send in clips?

RPGsrok responds:

Ah, good catch. For the sake of actually getting clips from you guys, I'll give the deadline as December 1st, though there isn't a terrible rush, so if you're working on them when the deadline comes (and can finish in a day or so) just pm me at that time and get em in asap. I'll also put that info in the main post for your convenience. Lookin forward to hearing your audition!


2010-11-10 01:06:57

This sounds interesting, I'll audition for both. How early would you like these anyway? Just wondering so I can try and get it to you as fast as possible.

RPGsrok responds:

As I said above, I'll say no later than December 1st for the sake of getting things done, but the sooner the better of course. Looking forward to hearing from you! xD


2010-11-10 04:01:20

Just Sent mine in! :D
All the best to those who are auditioning

RPGsrok responds:

Received! I'll get back to you on it shortly.


2010-11-11 15:44:57

Sounds pretty interesting! I'll give this a shot later today. :)


2010-11-22 23:29:45

I shall oblige.