Dual Arms in Two Parts, etc.

2008-09-11 19:05:03 by RPGsrok

It's been some months since my last post and a lot of things have changed with respect to my latest movie and my user-page. I'll adress the changes one by one.

So, the user page. I made a new image for myself to replace one of significantly less skill I made sometime last year. Anyone who's played Persona 3 may also appreciate the asthetic elements I used. Anyone who hasn't played Persona 3 and has a PS2 is highly recommended to get a copy (ask for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Fes, long name but its more than worth it, imo). I made a new icon too. I used to have it as Koromaru, a dog from the aformentioned Persona 3, but I think 'Novus' has slightly more to do with me as a flash artist, (Koromaru having nothing to do with me at all) as does "Densetsu" (I think I may change my username to densetsu, sometime in the distant future...)

I also made a new banner showcasing the Dual Arms series. You can see Verbatim as my current project, Precipice and Nocturnus having been already completed, and if you look carefully, prospective project concepts... If your curious about any of the names, feel free to ask, but I've only planned so far right now, so there's only so much I can tell.

Finally, my new flash. It's been coming a bit slower than expected, given school and whatnot, but its coming, and its gonna be big. Big, like more than 10 megs. In light of this, and the fact that it'll take WAY too long finish the entire thing without giving you guys somthin to look at, I'm splitting "Dual Arms: Verbatim" into two parts, about ten minutes each. All the actors have given all their lines, (save for one guy, who needs to finish some stuff from the now second part) and its just on me to finish the animation. It's coming slow but steady. Remember the train from "Dual Arms: Precipice"? (If you don't, and have 10 minuites to spare, scroll down and watch Dual Arms: Precipice) I rendered it in 3D. Hell yeah. Better yet, I included an image of it below. Hope you like it =D

I'll get the movie done as soon as possible, but I've sworn not rush things and get it done right. So, until then, bear with me, and I'll tide you over with some new pics.

-Thanks all,

Dual Arms in Two Parts, etc.


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2008-09-11 23:00:56

It's looking great man! can't wait to see the finished episodes :D your other episode was great, so I expect that this one will be kickass in every way!
By the way, was the 3D done in 3DS max or Swift 3D? Just curious.

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! This was done with swift 3D. It's limited in some ways, but it can still produce some great results, and integrates extreamly well into flash.


2008-09-14 09:00:22

If Verbatim is gonna be twenty minutes in total length it probably was a good decision to split it in half so that viewers don't get tired of watching. From what i've seen and read about Verbatim, its going to be the best one yet so I think all your fans are willing to wait as long as needed for a chance to see it. Thanks for the update!


2008-12-14 05:16:25

Verbatim sounds like it's going to be 20 minutes of awesomeness. I seriously can't wait to see it. Are you going to wait until the whole thing is done and then split it into two parts and release them at the same time? Or are you going to release them one at a time as you finish them? I guess I'm a bit worrisome when it comes to multi-parted flash movies or series because so many people never finish them and leave us hanging. lol

Also, I've been looking at the teaser images you've been posting for your work and they've led me to believe you're a much better artist than I originally thought (and I thought you were good before). Great stuff.

RPGsrok responds:

20 minutes of awesome is my hope. Since I want to let you guys see what I've done ASAP, I'm definately gonna finish one part and then release it. I know a lot of people start series they don't finish, and this project is a big commitment, but I'll do my best to not give up on it. If I did, I'd be letting my voice actors (who've recorded lines for both parts already) as well as all of you guys down. But even in the ABSOLUTE WORST possible situation, then I could still post the script up so you'd at least know what happens.

I don't update often, but I usually put new pics up when I do. If you'd like, you can PM me, and I'll be sure to let you know when I update.

Thanks for your support.