Dual Arms: Verbatim

2008-04-10 23:50:01 by RPGsrok

I've now started animation on my next project. The tentative title "Sides" has been changed to "Verbatim" as in 'word for word' ; this relates to the plot. The 3rd and final draft of the script is finished and comes in at 20 pages. From experience, I estimate that the final animation will be anywhere from 15-20 minutes and will thus take quite a while to finish. However, I am certain it will be finished and I'll be sure to keep you updated on its progress, starting with the below -

Dual Arms Verbatim:
TRT (total run time - estimated): 17min 30 sec
CRT (current run time): 30 sec
Completion (estimated): 15%
Scenes: 2
Release: TBA

I'll begin casting parts as soon as the final conceptual designs have been scanned into the computer. I'd also like to announce that for some scenes, I will now be using scanned background paintings I've created, as seen below.

I hope you all look forward to the movie; I can't wait to show it to you! In the meantime, feast your eyes upon the city of Ethraine:


Dual Arms: Verbatim


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2008-04-22 21:32:47

Looks great, keep doing the best you can. Ethraine looks a little to chilly for me lol. And try to keep me updated if you will, I like to know whats going on.


2008-06-03 15:48:02

can't wait for the next chapter
Dual Arms rocks


2008-06-28 16:44:43

Jesus! Off that pic alone, I can't wait to see it! Well, best of luck but remember you're tackling a huge project so don't be disappointed if all doesn't work just the way you hoped. I've made 2 ten minute flashes and those have taken me 6-8 months to make each!


2008-07-19 00:47:23

lookin forward to it!